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Block Heel Pumps & Blue Faux Fur

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Block Heel Pumps & Blue Faux Fur

Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Faux fur coat - KILO SHOP, Jumper - PRIMARK (old), Trousers - ASOS (old), Shoes - ASOS (sold out)
Location: Royal York Crescent, Bristol

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that this Monday is not too much of a struggle. I have had the most wonderful 48 hours being back in England where I will be for the next week. I am currently back home in Bristol (before going to London at the weekend) where I shot this outfit with my lovely mamma in the beautiful area of Clifton Village. 

I am so psyched to have finally got hold of these gorgeous block heel ballet pumps by ASOS. I had been looking for a pair of shoes in this style for a few months and when these instantly sold out, I was super sad. But after stalking the stock daily, I eventually managed to get myself perhaps the last size 4s!

So it is pretty damn cold in Bristol but that's ok because I am loving snuggling up in my favourite blue faux fur coat. It's like a giant hug. Underneath I paired an old PRIMARK cream high neck jumper with some old ASOS cropped trousers. Sorry most of these items are 'old' but it is so nice to be able to rummage through my clothes left behind at home. I love this look - which has something a bit sixties/seventies about it - and think it goes perfectly with the beautiful backdrop of Royal York Crescent. 

Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat

Sixties block heel ballet pumps and blue faux fur coat
Coucou mes choux! J'espère que vous avez passé un bon week-end et que ce lundi n'est pas trop dûr. Moi, je suis rentrée en Angleterre samedi et j'ai passé un très beau week-end. Je reste dans ma ville, Bristol pendant cette semaine avant d'aller à Londres le week-end prochain. Hier, j'ai pris ces photos avec ma belle maman dans un très beau quartier de Bristol - Clifton Village.

Je suis trop contente qu'enfin j'ai ces escarpins super mignons d'ASOS. Ça fait longtemps que je cherche une paire de ce genre et quand tout a été vendu de ceux-ci, j'étais vraiment déçue. Cependant, après avoir regardé le stock pendant toute la semaine, enfin j'ai réussi à prendre (je pense) les derniers 37s. 

Il fait super froid à Bristol mais cela ma plaît parce que je peux porter mon manteau en fausse fourrure bleue préféré. En dessous, j'ai mis un vieux pull avec un col haut de PRIMARK avec mon vieux pantacourt noir d'ASOS. Je suis désolée que je vous montre les 'vieilles' pièces mais c'est parce que je suis avec mon anciens vêtements! Je kiffe ce look qui est super sixties/seventies et il va super bien avec le beau fond de Royal York Crescent. 

Izzie x

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At 15 February 2016 at 19:32 , Blogger Lucy Cole said...

That coat looks SO cosy!xx


At 15 February 2016 at 19:41 , Blogger Jayne Emma said...

That coat is so so lovely, I adore the colour! I have those ASOS shoes and they are so pleasing to the eye but I find them so uncomfortable, although I doubt that'll stop me wearing them - I can't bear to part with them!x

At 18 February 2016 at 15:41 , Blogger Isabelle Hardy said...

Thank you hun! That coat is one of my most favourite vintage finds <3
I found the shoes ok actually which was surprising seeing as I don't wear heels. I walked around for about 2 hours in them and they only started hurting near the end. They soo pretty though ;)

At 18 February 2016 at 15:42 , Blogger Isabelle Hardy said...

It is super cosy! Perfect for this cold English weather! xx


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