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Orange Culottes By Zaful

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Orange Culottes By Zaful

Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Wide metal circle choker by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful

Culottes - ZAFUL*, Body - Zara, Shoes - Converse, Choker - ZAFUL*
Location: Redland, Bristol

Following part one of my collaboration with ZAFUL on Monday where I styled that amazing WHITE BLOUSE WITH BELL SLEEVES, today I am back with part two featuring two pieces from this wonderful website. As I said in my previous post, it was so hard to choose just three pieces from their enormous and varied collection and since publishing Monday's post, I have had friends telling me how much they also love it! (One friend stated "I want it all.")

Ok so let's talk about these amazing WIDE LEG ORANGE CULOTTES! I do not normally wear orange and it is certainly a colour that I used to hate. However, recently I have been loving it more and more, especially this "burnt" orange shade. These trousers are a lovely shape and thanks to their light material, they are just perfect for the high temperatures that we have been having in the UK this week. 

I instantly knew that I would pair these loose, dramatic culottes with a tight body for contrast and today I went for my simple, black V-neck one. I think a strappy, backless number would look super sassy with the culottes - perhaps as an evening holiday look (but for that I can only dream!). To finish off the look, I added this monster METAL CIRCLE CHOKER also by ZAFUL. It is such a statement piece and way wider than any of the chokers that I already own but I bloody love it. 

Have you been wearing any colours recently that you previously hated? How would you style these orange culottes? I do actually have a completely different look featuring these culottes in the pipeline so look out for that!

Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Orange culottes by Zaful
Je vous ai présenté lundi la première partie de ma collaboration avec ZAFUL où je vous ai montré ce CHEMISIER BLANCAVEC DES MANCHES DE CLOCHES. Aujourd’hui je partage la deuxième partie avec vous qui inclut deux articles de leur site géniale. Comme j’ai mentionné dans ma poste précédente, c’était tellement difficile de choisir seulement trois pièces de leur grande collection variée. Dès que j’ai publié la poste de lundi, mes copines m’ont dit qu’elles adorent le site ! (Une copine m’a constaté ‘je veux tout.’)

Ok, on parle de cette JUPE-CULOTTEORANGE magnifique ! Normalement je ne porte pas de l’orange et même je le détestais ! Cependant, récemment j’aime cette couleur de plus en plus, surtout cette nuance d’orange ‘brûlée’. J’aime bien la coupe du pantalon et grâce à sa matière légère, il est parfait pour ces températures plus hautes que nous avons actuellement en Angleterre.

J’ai su instantanément que je mettrais cette jupe-culotte ample avec un body serre pour avoir un contraste et aujourd’hui je porte mon body noir simple avec un col en V. Je pense qu’un body à bretelles dos nu irait super bien avec cette jupe-culotte – peut-être pour un look de soirée en vacances. Pour finir la tenue, j’ai ajoute ce RAS-DE-COU LARGE qui vient de ZAFUL aussi. Il est beaucoup plus large que les autres ras-de-cou que j’ai mais je le kiffe tellement !

Vous portez des couleurs récemment que vous détestiez ? Comment portez-vous cette jupe-culotte orange ? En fait, je vais vous montrer une autre façon bientôt alors revenez !

Izzie x


*Post in collaboration with ZAFUL but big choker loving and gushing about orange culottes all my own.

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At 18 August 2016 at 18:36 , Blogger Tamara Farhat said...

I absolutely looove this look! The bright culottes are so gorgeous and the choker is such a great touch!


Tamara -

At 18 August 2016 at 19:04 , Blogger Milex xxx said...

At 19 August 2016 at 01:57 , Blogger Bash Harry said...

Bright culottes are AMAZING. I love that outfit, the orange pants are just wonderful. The addition of the choker is perfect <3

xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

At 19 August 2016 at 10:01 , Blogger Isabelle Hardy said...

Thank you so much lovely!! <3

At 19 August 2016 at 10:01 , Blogger Isabelle Hardy said...

Thanks! I'm loving colourful trousers to mix up my wardrobe! <3

At 19 August 2016 at 12:03 , Blogger Emily- Daisy said...

feeling these trousers !! so nice

At 19 August 2016 at 16:09 , Blogger Isabelle Hardy said...

Thank you my love! Just checked out your site - it's soooo pretty! I'm following! ;)


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