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Friday, 28 August 2015

Travel: Brittany Photo Diary

Little village Saint Suliac near Saint Malo
Lewis in Brittany with view of Saint Suliac harbour
Instagram photography at Saint Suliac harbour in Brittany, France
Me and beautiful sunset at Saint Suliac harbour in Brittany
Me and Lewis in Saint Suliac Brittany
Saint Suliac harbour

Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France
Le Mont Saint Michel

Brittany beach
Me and Lewis on Brittany beach
Beeeeaaach! (Don't know which, soz)

Saint-Malo beach in Brittany

Fishman houses in Saint Suliac Brittany
A couple of weeks ago, Lewis and I made the long drive from Paris over to a little village in Brittany called Saint Suliac for a few days to celebrate my old man's 60th birthday. The weather was a bit touch-and-go (being close so England and all, you know how dodgy summer weather can be!) but we had an amazing relaxing few days. We managed a couple of days on the beach, which is once of my favourite things - so liberating! We had a brief trip to the famous Le Mont Saint Michel and I say brief because it was so touristy that it just seemed like we were queuing to walk anywhere so we scarpered pretty fast! Lots of crêpes were eaten and loads of cider drunk - sounds pretty perfect huh?! 

Hope you enjoy the snaps. The content on the blog is going to be rather travel-related for now because I am without photographer for outfit posts. Plus…big news alert…I'm moving to Barcelona in a few weeks so I moved lots of my stuff back to England last week and I have just two suitcases of clothes. Not enough for a fashion blogger, not enough. x

Il y a deux semaine, Lewis et moi sommes allés à un petit village en Bretagne qui s'appelle Saint Suliac pour fêter l'anniversaire de 60 ans de mon papa. Le temps ne faisait toujours pas top mais on a passé un très bon séjour de 5 jours. On est allé à la plage, au Mont Saint Michel - trop de touristes! - et on a mangé beaucoup de galettes et a bu plein de cidre! Trop parfait hein?!

J'espère que tu aimes les photos. Pour l'instant, je fais assez beaucoup de postes de voyages sur le blog parce que mes photographes sont en vacances. De plus….des grandes nouvelles…j'aménage à Barcelone dans quelques semaines alors je n'ai pas tous mes affaires avec moi à Paris. Il n'y a pas assez de vêtements dans deux valises pour une bloggeuse de mode, PAS ASSEZ. Bisous. 

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Photography: People in Paris

I have always loved black and white film photography and back in 2014, I was slowly making my way through a 36 photo black and white film. I find that some of the most beautiful photographs are taken when the subject is unaware and although it can be quite daunting to just take your camera and go photographing strangers, I gave it a go. I also took photographs of my friends in natural situations, for the memories, you know. So, without further ado, here are just some from the collection and I hope you enjoy them.
Photography: Three girls on the banks of the Seine, Paris
Photography: Two men sitting on a wall, Paris
Photography: Boys sailing boats in Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Photography: Friends having a picnic by Notre Dame, Paris
Photography: People in Place des Vosges, Paris
Photography: Jeu de Longue Paume in Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Photography: Girl eating macaroni in Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Photography: Couple sitting on wall in Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Photography: Playing chess on the banks of the Seine, Paris
Photography: Playing petanque in Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Photography: Teenagers in Place des Vosges, Paris
Photography: Friends picnicing in Buttes Chaumont, Paris
Ça fait longtemps que j'aime la photographie noir et blanche et pendant 2014, j'ai fait une pellicule noir et blanche de 36 photographes. Je trouve souvent que les meilleurs photos sont prises quand le sujet ne se rend pas compte et même si j'avais un peu peur de prendre des photos des étrangers sans leur connaissance, j'ai pris mon appareil et je l'ai fait. Il y a aussi des photos des mes amis, pour des souvenirs! Voila, une partie de la collection de mes photos et j'espère que tu les aimes bien!

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Casual Stripes

Staple striped polo shirt
How to style a bright striped polo shirt with ASOs ripped jeans and Converse
How to create an edgy/rock look with a striped polo shirt
How to match your Mac So Chaud lipstick to your outfit
Vintage polo shirt ootd outfit
How to wear a striped polo shirt with ASOS leather jacket
ASOS leather jacket, striped polo shirt and ASOS ripped jeans
How to style Converse with ASOS ripped jeans and striped polo shirt
Vintage striped polo shirt | ASOS ripped jeans | Converse trainers | ASOS leather jacket | Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses | Mac So Chaud lipstick
Location: South Kensington, London

So my mumma took these photos - how good are they?! And she did not even need much guidance; I should come home more often! I'm loving being back on British soil and on Sunday I popped to London for a girly museum day with my mum and sister. In the morning we went to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which was awesome, albeit too short because - without sounding like a weirdo - I could look at that woman all day. She is so beautiful. Anyhoo…when we were on our way to lunch at Bumpkin in South Kensington, I spotted this cute mews off Old Brompton Road to take some photos in.

As it was a Sunday wandering around London, I went for a pretty casual outfit. My trusty ASOS ripped jeans, Converse and ASOS leather jacket look great paired with this striped polo shirt - giving what is usually quite a preppy top, that bit of edge that I like. Plus, the orange stripes and collar totally match my favourite MAC lipstick, which is always pleasing. 

After lunch at Bumpkin (and then cakes at The Hummingbird Bakery, naughty) we headed to the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition at the V&A. It is awesome and a must-do for anyone remotely interested in fashion, let alone the majority of you lot reading this blog so get yourselves down there!

Alors, ma maman a pris ces photos - elles sont belles non?! Et je n'avais même pas donné beaucoup de conseils; il faut que je rentre en Angleterre plus! J'aime trop être en Angleterre et dimanche, je suis allée à Londres avec ma maman et ma soeur pour une journée d'expositions entre filles. Le matin, on est allée à National Portrait Gallery pour regarder l'exposition des portraits d'Audrey Hepburn. C'était super mais il n'y a pas assez de photos parce que - sans vouloir sembler bizarre - je pourrais regarder cette femme toute la journée. Elle est trop trop belle. Bon…en marchant vers Bumpkin pour déjeuner, j'ai vu cette petite rue trop mignon pour prendre des photos. 

C'était un dimanche à Londres du coup j'avais mis un outfit assez simple. Mon jean troué d'ASOS préféré, mes Converse et mon perfecto avec ce polo rayé super. Un haut comme ceci donne souvent un look assez bon chic bon genre mais je trouve que j'ai réussi de faire un look plutôt rock, comme j'aime bien. De plus, l'orange des rayures et du col est la même couleur que mon rouge à lèvres rouge préféré de MAC - je gagne!

Après qu'on a déjeuné à Bumpkin (et puis des gâteaux à Hummingbird Bakery), on est allée à l'exposition des chaussures à V&A. C'était suuuuper et il faut que tu la fasse, surtout si tu es obsédé par la mode mais même si tu l'aime juste un peu!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Travel: Stockholm's Archipelago

Airbnb house and terrace in Swedish countryside near Stockholm
View of harbour from Airbnb terrace in Sweden near Stockholm
Inside Airbnb Swedish cabin ear Stockholm
Me in retro Nike t-shirt and suede button down skirt with view from Airbnb Swedish cabin
I had been wanting to go to Sweden, and more specifically to Stockholm, for ages but living in Paris, the thought of staying in central Stockholm for a whole week just felt a bit much. So, we looked on trusty AIRBNB and found this absolute gem of a place just 20 minutes drive from central Stockholm. It was right in the countryside with views over an enchanting nearby harbour and natural park. It was the perfect place to have a base for both city seeing and visiting the region's archipelago, which is made up of around 30,000 islands!

Ça fait longtemps que je veux visiter la Suède, et Stockholm plus précisément, mais vu qu'on habite à Paris, on ne voulait pas rester pour une semaine en centre ville de Stockholm. Donc, on a regardé sur notre site préféré AIRBNB et on a trouvé cette cabane géniale à juste 20 minutes en voiture de Stockholm. Elle se situe en plein campagne avec des vues charmantes d'un port et d'un parc de nature. C'était parfait pour découvrir la ville et la région, y compris l'archipel qui est fait d'environ 30.000 iles!

Ferry ride to Utö Stockholm archipelago
Lewis on ferry ride to Utö Stockholm archipelago
On the Sunday of our trip, we drove down to Årsta Havsbad to catch a ferry to the island described as the star of the southern archipelago, Utö. Make sure you CHECK FERRY TIMES in advance of any island hopping because we didn't and ended up waiting for about 45 minutes for a ferry (so unorganised, I know). It cost 150kr for a return and took about an hour each way. Now that's the boring but useful organisational details out of the way - which are sometimes hard to find on t'internet - let's get onto the good stuff. 

Le dimanche, on a conduit à Årsta Havsbad pour prendre le ferry à Utö - l'ile qu'on décrit comme l'étoile de l'archipel du sud. Je te conseille de REGARDER DES HORAIRES DE FERRYS en avance parce qu'on n'avait pas fait et alors on a attendu 45 minutes pour un ferry (pas très organisé, j'avoue). Le ferry coût 150kr l'aller-retour et il prend environ une heure. Bon, je t'ai dit des détails ennuyeux mais importants - souvent difficile à trouver sur Internet - maintenant je te parle des choses intéressantes. 
Swedish cabins on Utö island in Stockholm archipelago
Me walking through forest in Utö Stockholm archipelago, Kanken backpack
The ferry ride was a dream - amazing scenery and just so refreshing to feel the sea breeze  - this is the kind of thing I have no come to appreciate living in a, yes beautiful but also, very polluted capital city. We were actually aiming to get off the ferry at Gruvbryggan (well, we thought this was the only stop) but we accidentally got off at Spränga. I slightly panicked when we realised this just as the ferry was pulling away but it was actually a god send. Spränga was just a half an hour walk to our original destination through some lovely unspoilt forests and views of our much-loved Swedish cabins. So I highly recommend that you accidentally-now-on-purpose take the ferry to Spränga and walk to Gruvbryggan!

Le ferry était super - des belles vues et très frais avec la brise de mer. On a voulu descendre à Gruvbryggan (on a pensé qu'il n'y avait qu'un arrêt) mais par hasard, on est descendu à Spränga. J'ai paniqué un peu mais en fait c'était mieux! Spränga est à 30 minutes de Gruvbryggan au pieds par des bons forets magnifiques. Du coup, je te conseille de par-hasard-mais-pas-par-hasard de descendre le ferry à Spränga et marcher à Gruvbryggan! 
Gruvbryggan town on Utö island Stockholm archipelago, Utö Bageri
Me on beach near Gruvbryggan, Utö Stockholm archipelago
Forest and beach near Gruvbryggan town on Utö island Stockholm archipelago
In Gruvbryggan we bought some rolls and Swedish sweet buns from the much hyped Utö Bageri bakery and enjoyed them sitting on the nearby beach. The vanilla sweet bun was absolutely delicious - as you can see, I was enjoying them so much that I forgot to snap them! After chilling on the beach for a while, we went for an early evening kayak which was amazing! When we were kayaking back into the harbour I jumped in for a little swim. It was really cold but very liberating - swimming in Swedish waters is a must! It was the perfect little day trip out into the nature.

À Gruvbryggan on a acheté des petits pains salés et sucrés à Utö Bageri - une boulangerie avec plein de hype - et on les a mangé sur la plage. Le petit pain à la vanille est délicieux et comme tu peux voir, je les ai aimés trop que j'ai oublié de les prendre en photo! Après qu'on s'est détendu sur la plage, on a fait du kayak qui était super! En rentrant au port, j'ai sauté dans l'eau pour me baigner. C'était froid mais très libérateur - il faut se baigner dans l'eau suédois! C'était un petit voyage parfait dans la nature.
Boats in Vaxholm harbour Stockholm archipelago
Houses in Vaxholm Stockholm archipelago
Shops in Vaxholm centre capital of Stockholm archipelago
Our final visit to Stockholm's archipelago was to its capital, Vaxholm. It's a pretty little harbour side town but it is quite touristy. We had a wander around for a hour or so and then had lunch with a view of the boats - rolls and sweets buns again of course! I am glad that we visited Vaxholm but I think I would've preferred going somewhere else a bit more remote like Utö - I guess it depends what you're into!

Pour notre dernière visite à l'archipel de Stockholm, on est allé à sa capitale, Vaxholm. C'est un village joli avec un port mais il y a pas mal de touristes. On s'est baladé un peu et puis on a déjeuné avec un vue des bateaux - des petits pains encore, bien-sûr! Je suis contente qu'on y est allé mais je pense que j'aurais préféré d'aller quelque part plus isolé comme Utö - ça dépend ce que tu aimes!

Check out my other Stockholm travel posts - Stockholm photo diary and Stockholm mini food guide

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Off The Radar

Motel Rocks Geo Maze dress and Vagabond sandals outfit ootd
Motel Rocks printed monochrome black and white dress
How to style Motel Rocks Geo Maze monochrome dress with Vagabond sandals
Motel Rocks geometric print dress and Casio watch details
Motel Rocks monochrome printed dress
Motel Rocks turtleneck monochrome dress
Motel Rocks dress* | Vagabond sandals via ASOS
Location: somewhere off rue de Rivoli, 75004, Paris

Hello, remember me? I'm sorry that I have been so off the radar of late - I have lots of blog posts planned but there has been a lot going on. Bad blogger, I know. I'm now on holiday for two weeks which is such a relief. I'm currently in Brittany for a few days with my family for lots of crepes, cider and mussels and then to Bristol - home home home!!! So, this radio silence might continue for the next week or so but you can keep up to date on my travel adventures on my Instagram

So onto this outfit. I was sent this awesome dress by Motel Rocks aggggges ago for some Paris Fashion Week reporting that I did for them. At the time I thought I'd asked for a size to big but during Paris' recent heatwave it is actually perfect, so sorry for not sharing this beauty beforehand (lucky for you, it is now in the sale). 

Hope you are all enjoying summer whether it's on holiday or powering on through work. Lots of love.

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