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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blogging Outtakes 2016

Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Hello strangers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - mine was the first spent away from my family but it was also that first time Lewis and I had had Christmas just us (despite having been together for nine years!) and it was delightful. So now that Christmas is over, the blogging world goes into reflection overdrive and today I am sharing with you my blogging outtakes 2016....

The trick to fashion blogging is to not take yourself too seriously. There are many factors at play when shooting outfit photos - wind can play havoc with your hair (hello #fringeproblems), people might be staring at you or sometimes, quite simply, your face just does not look right. All of these have happened to me and I am sure will continue to happen because, let's face it, I am not a professional model. So here are my best blogging outtakes of 2016 - from pulling cba faces, doing funny poses and a cute photo bomb to that sneaky shutter capturing just the most unflattering moment - so have a laugh at my expense and enjoy!

Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
Blogging outtakes 2016 funny fashion blog photographs
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Izzie x


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Sunday, 18 December 2016

New York Vlog

Izzie x


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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Five Free Things To Do In New York City

You do not need me to tell you that New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is also (IMO) one of the greatest cities in the world and as with all amazing cities, there are of course loads of free things to do so you do not have to worry about a trip to The Big Apple breaking the bank - especially if the bank is already broken after having bought all your Christmas presents.

Lewis and I headed to NYC last weekend to see Bon Iver (which certainly was not free or cheap) and as we had both already done the major tourist stuff before, our agenda was simply to discover some new areas, soak up the Christmas spirit and have a jolly good time (all the while not spending too much money). So here are my top five free things to do in New York City that we did during a whirlwind 48 hours in the city. My New York vlog is coming this Sunday to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL so watch out for that!

The High Line five free things to do in New York City
The High Line five free things to do in New York City
1. The High Line & Greenwich Village

In the quest of finding the alternative sights of Manhattan, on Saturday morning we took ourselves to W34th St where begins The High Line - a 2.5km stretch of old railway tracks which have been converted into a green (in the summer) walkway above the gorgeous area of Chelsea. It was amazing to get a different view of the city, being slightly raised up, and there are lots of interesting buildings to see, both old and new. We strolled until W16th St where we gave into our cold toes and went to Chelsea Market to warm up and grab a bagel.

Friends building five free things to do in New York CityFrom Chelsea Market we headed to the neighbouring Greenwich Village which has fast become my favourite area of Manhattan so far. Although it is still full of people, it feels less intense than further uptown thanks to the smaller buildings and neighbourhood vibe. If you are a Friends fan you have to stop off at Grove and Bedford to see the building where they supposedly lived, although once you walk about the area you will see how unrealistic that actually was! It was a lovely weekend activity and if you are tired after all that walking, I would recommend John's of Bleecker Street pizza which we had on the Friday night and it was delicious!

Central Park five free things to do in New York City
Central Park five free things to do in New York City
2. Central Park

Ok I know that Central Park is a very obvious must-do in New York City but as strolling through a beautiful park is one of my favourite free things to do on holiday, I just had to include it. We were both so excited to see that ice rink that has been in so many films and it is just such a stunning setting with the backdrop of skyscrapers. There are lots of other things to see and do in the park if you are not there during the festive season such as visiting Strawberry Fields, strolling through Bethesda Terrace and boating on the lake!

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center five free things to do in New York City
Times Square five free things to do in New York City
3. See the lights

There is no doubt about it that New York is made so special by its lights and being there just before Christmas, we were treated to even more lights. As dusk fell on Central Park, we headed south on Fifth Avenue towards to famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. On our way we got distracted by the endless but beautiful shop window displays and an impressive light show on the front of Saks Fifth Avenue. It is all about the tree though - it is seriously surreal standing in front of that iconic tree, watching the ice skaters below and getting that inevitable feeling of being in a film.

If you are in New York at any other time of year, never fear - head to Times Square after nightfall for your fix of lights. I know Times Square is a super obvious "travel tip" but as a girl who finds more beauty in raw, bustling cities than serene countryside, the lights of Times Square are simply unmissable.

View of Manhattan from Williamsburg five free things to do in New York City
View of Manhattan from Williamsburg five free things to do in New York City
4. Views from Brooklyn

It is always so tempting to spend all the time in Manhattan because it is staggering, breathtaking and iconic, however the other boroughs of New York City should not be forgotten. Although I still feel that I have only scratched the surface in my exploration of Brooklyn, we made sure to give this quirky part of NYC the time it deserves. We were actually staying in Kensington, Brooklyn right next to Greenwood Cemetery and just south of Prospect Park, which are another two amazing free things to visit that go under the radar. On our last day, we went up to the ever-so-hip Williamsburg which boasts not only some cracking brunch places (check out EGG) and shops but also an incredible view of Manhattan. I would also recommend walking over Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan at dusk to get a great view of the city lighting up for the night.

Uniqlo Friday evenings at MoMA five free things to do in New York City
5. Friday evenings at MoMA

Thanks to stumbling into Uniqlo to check out their thermals - glamourous, I know - we found out that MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), in collaboration with Uniqlo, is free on Friday evenings between 4pm and 8pm. I remember going to MoMA on my first trip to New York when I was sixteen and loving it so I was excited to spontaneously go again, while avoiding the usual 25$ admission fee. We only had time to do one floor so we headed straight for the 1960s where I had expected to see a lot more Andy Warhol than there actually was. It was still amazing though and backs up what I already knew - that the sixties was just simply the best for all things art, fashion and music. So if you are in New York on a Friday evening, I highly recommend catching a bit of culture at Uniqlo's free Friday evenings at MoMA before heading for dinner and/or drinks elsewhere in the city.

Izzie x


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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Battling The Elements

Skirt - ZARA, Top - vintage, Coat - vintage, (SIMILAR), Boots - DR MARTENS
Location: Mile End, Montreal

We all know that fashion blogging in winter is tough - it gets dark much earlier, the weather is worse and outfits are dominated by coats and boots. But winter in Montreal is going to challenge outfit photo shoots to another level and although I have been mentally preparing for this since I moved here, evidently I am still refusing to let a bit of cold get in the way.

So today's outfit is clearly not weather appropriate but as I had planned to shoot it on Monday morning, I bloody well did! The second big snow fall of this winter so far was not going to stop me getting my content - I was instantly up for the challenge to try shooting while it was actually snowing and I love the result.

This look featured in my recent ALTERNATIVE PARTY OUTFITS LOOKBOOK but I wanted to share it because this might just be the perfect party outfit for Montreal, for four reasons. Firstly, thanks to the snow, I am currently living in my Dr Martens boots so being able to rock them to a party and not having to take a change of shoes is a win in my eyes. Secondly, I have given up on wearing tights and mini skirts for the foreseeable few months so a midi skirt with leggings hidden underneath is a great way of keeping cosy and looking fab at the same time. Thirdly, until I find a proper nice winter coat (good luck Iz), I will refuse to stop rocking the faux fur, which is fine because faux fur coats keep you damn warm and look so elegant for the festive season. And finally, if you were not sold on the previous three practical reasons, this outfit is super on trend with the metallic pleated midi skirt and mesh/goth top, which happen to go perfectly together.

I am sure that soon I will have to give into the cold and start shooting in the underground city, in my apartment or in the metro but I will keep sharing snowy Montreal outfit posts as long as I can brave it!

What are your tips for surviving fashion blogging in winter? Are you loving the Dr Martens as part of an evening/party look?

Izzie x


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Alternative Party Outfits Lookbook

Izzie x


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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | The Craft Lover

Hello and welcome back to the fifth and final instalment of my Christmas gift guide series! Make sure you check out the previous four posts for FASHION, BEAUTY, HOME and TRAVEL gift inspiration but today is all about crafts.

I have always been into crafts and creating, having been taught to sew and other skills at a young age. Last year I learnt to crochet thanks to the incredible catalog of YouTube videos and I have recently rediscovered the joys of knitting. I truly believe that it is never too late to take up a new hobby and the SUPERCRAFT book has some great projects - one for every weekend of the year in fact - to get your loved one inspired. It is also contains a handy sewing, crochet and knitting course so why not encourage them to learn a new skill with a gift of some stylish PONY bamboo knitting needles, a lovely ball of wool and a cute slogan tote to keep it in?

Alternatively, you could just allow their creativity flow with some beautiful patterned paper that can be used to make table place cards, in origami or even framed and put on the wall for a simple yet effective decoration! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas gift guide series - I have loved creating it! It is a stressful time of year so I hope I have helped ease this by providing some gift ideas and inspiration! This may be the end of the gift guide posts but I have lots more festive posts planned throughout December and into the New Year so stay tuned.

Izzie x


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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | The Traveller

Christmas gift ideas guide for the traveller travel

Hello and welcome back to day four of my Christmas gift guide! We have already covered FASHION, BEAUTY and the HOME so today it is all about presents for those with the travel bug, those who have endless wanderlust or simply those who have an upcoming trip. 

Having been fortunate enough to do quite a lot of travelling in recent years and I never go anywhere without my super durable, comfortable and great looking FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack. It is the perfect size day bag for carrying around a camera or two, a guide book and some snacks, leaving plenty of room to spare for any souvenirs.

It is inevitable that travelling requires at least some waiting around and the need to pass the time. The bean trading card game BOHNANZA provides the perfect entertainment on long train journeys, in airport departure lounges and when stuck in the only hostel without wifi in the whole village. I cannot recommend this game enough so crack it open on Christmas Day and get practising with the whole family!

Travelling is all about experiencing, seeing and tasting things that you would not normally and LONELY PLANET's guide to budget travel proves that it does not have to cost the Earth. Having lived in Paris and Barcelona, I checked out what this guide recommends to do for cheap or free in these cities, from strolling through Le Marais on Sundays in Paris to climbing Montjuic in Barcelona, it has got you covered. We all love to capture these memories camera so why not give a old school POLAROID for your jetsetter to try on their next trip!

And finally, if your loved one is so well travelled that they already have all the gear, find out what their next destination is and I am sure they would appreciate some dollar.

See you tomorrow for the fifth and final part of this Christmas gift guide series!

Izzie x


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | The Beauty Queen

Christmas gift ideas guide for the beauty queen

Hello and welcome back to day three of my Christmas gift guide series!

Christmas is the perfect time to treat the girlfriends, best friends, sisters, mums and grandmas in your life to a little beauty therapy. Beauty products can be expensive so there are certain ones that I absolutely love receiving as a present. 

As I wrote about in my SKINCARE ROUTINE post earlier this year, I am a complete convert to the CLINIQUE 3 step skin care system ever since I kindly received it from my grandma a few years ago. Clinique moisturisers are completely genius and save my poor skin from dryness all year round - I cannot recommend them enough! As much as it is important what you put on your skin pre and post make-up wearing, it also vital to use a good make-up remover. The ever-so-popular French brand BIODERMA have a great range and I always choose the Sensibio H2O for sensitive skin. Although it is becoming more widely available outside France, it is still pretty expensive so treat someone to a big bottle this Christmas and it will last them most of the year! 

Now onto the pretty, fun and colourful stuff! Nothing completes a look better than a good lipstick and for that I always turn to MAC COSMETICS. From deep DIVA maroon and bright SO CHAUD red to nudes like VELVET TEDDY and TAUPE, you are guaranteed a big smile and thank you if you treat your beauty queen to one this Christmas. And finally, as someone who is very impatient with slow drying nails, TOPSHOP do an amazing range of quick drying, smudge-free nail varnish that make for perfect stocking fillers, as do face masks!

See you tomorrow for part four for more gift ideas!

Izzie x


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Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | The Fashion Addict

Christmas gift ideas guide for the fashion addict fashionista

Hello and welcome back to this Christmas gift guide series! Today's theme is one that is very familiar on this blog - fashion (make sure you check out yesterday's gift ideas for the HOME BIRD). Whether your special someone lives and breathes fashion or just enjoys a treat once in a while, I think that fashion-based presents are so accessible and can leave the receiver feeling fabulous.

Knitwear is something that I get more and more excited about every winter - does that mean I'm getting old?! - and it is the perfect gift to give at this time of year as it can be used right now! I absolutely love this super soft one from URBAN OUTFITTERS with its bang-on-trend blush pink colour and clashing navy stripe detail down the sleeve. Also from Urban Outfitters is this sparkly two tone triangle bra, which will keep the party spirit going underneath your threads until summer comes and it can be rocked under a mesh top. 

Now let's talk details. Any fashion addict knows that an outfit can be made with the right accessories and Christmas is the perfect time to update someone's collection. For a tight budget or as stocking fillers, you simply cannot go wrong with novelty socks. TOPSHOP have a great selection of socks with everything from cartoon prints to frills and sparkles and you can get three pairs for just £8! 

If you can spend a bit more, look no further than RAY-BAN sunglasses as they are an absolute staple in any wardrobe. My current favourite are these sixties/seventies style round ones, which will make the perfect gift, even if they probably can't use them properly for a few months! And finally, I've included a couple of jewellery pieces as this is an absolute classic Christmas gift. Check out ALEX MONROE for gorgeous nature-inspired jewellery - I received this cute bumblebee necklace and gorgeous string ring a few years ago now and they are still some of my favourites!

See you tomorrow for day three of this Christmas gift guide series!

Izzie x


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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide | The Home Bird


Hello and Happy December 1st! I'm kicking off my Christmas content with some much-loved gift guides, covering different hobbies and interests over the next five days and hopefully giving you some great present ideas, so let's get cracking!

We all know someone who takes pride in their home, who prefers a snuggly night in to a wild night out or who drools over all the interior design #goals on Pinterest and today's Christmas gift guide is for them. Having recently decorated and furnished my new flat, I have been doing all of the above so gifts for the home have certainly been on this home bird's mind of late.

There is nothing better than getting back from a long day at work, slipping into your "comfies" and snuggling on the sofa in front of Netflix. For nights like these, I love popping on my diffuser by ORGANIC AROMAS. With its elegant design, colourful changing lights and beautifully smelling essential oils, the Organic Aromas diffuser creates the perfect ambiance in which to relax. Also, if you are staying in, there is no reason why you can't look incredible and I like to make a statement with some graphic print pyjama bottoms, like these super cute and festive moose ones from Canadian brand, HATLEY, or a satin star print set from ASOS.

Moving on from creating the perfect night in, let's talk about aesthetics! I have become a cushion obsessive recently and my current favourite has to be this big, grey velvet one from IKEA. I love the texture that the fabric brings to our sofa and you can pretty much guarantee that the grey tone will go with any home's colour palette! And finally it would not be an interior post without a bit of plant talk! I was recently introduced to a company called GEO-FLEUR that offers monthly plant delivery subscriptions and quirky botanical workshops and I think this is just such a lovely idea for a Christmas present!

See you tomorrow for day two of my Christmas gift guides!

Izzie x


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