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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Retro Nike

Vintage Nike jumper (cut) / Topshop slip dress (inshore only) / Vintage Levi denim jacket / Dr Martens / MAC 'Diva' lipstick / New Look choker
Location: rue du Cloître Saint-Merri, 75004 Paris

Serious 90s inspiration went into this outfit. I know it's all about the 70s right now, and I love it, but I could never permanently turn my back on the decade that I grew up in. Slip dresses were my go-to item last summer and I have a feeling they aren't going anywhere for SS15. How cute is this one from Topshop with the interesting strap detail? I have wanted a vintage sports sweater for a while and this simple Nike one is super retro. I cut it to make it cropped, as often they're not the most flattering shape. And of course, it isn't the 90s without a cute choker.


Les années 90s m'ont donné l'inspiration pour ce outfit. Je sais que les années 70s sont en tendance et je kiffe, mais il ne faut pas oublier complètement l'époque dans laquelle j'ai grandi. L'été dernier, j'ai porté beaucoup de robes à bretelles et je pense que cet été sera pareil. Elle est trop mignon cette robe de Topshop avec ses bretelles intéressantes. Ca fait longtemps que je veux un sweat de sport vintage et ce pull de Nike est super rétro. Je l'ai coupé parce que les coupes ne sont pas toujours très flattantes. Et bien sûr, pour une tenue 90s, un ras-de-cou est un must-have!

Izzie x

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Vintage Burberry Trench

Vintage Burberry trench coat (similar here) / Vintage spotty shirt / Vintage Levi jeans / Vintage hat / Dr Martens shoes
Location: off the King's Road, London UK

Hello! I'm back from a lovely weekend in London where I thought it would be fitting to wear my beautiful new vintage Burberry trench. I am so pleased with this find, I have had so many compliments thanks to its gorgeous oversized cut and navy colour, which makes it bang on for the utility trend this season. Even though I could have just worn a bin liner underneath and let the trench take all the attention, I decided to pair it with my new favourite jeans. These Levi boyfriend cut jeans are such a unique colour I just had to have them. Top it all off with military cap and I've got the train driver look, I mean utility trend, down!


Coucou! Je suis revenue de Londres après un super weekend où il était naturel de porter mon nouveau trench Burberry vintage. Je suis trop contente de l'avoir trouvé, j'ai reçu plein de compliments grâce à sa belle coupe oversized et sa couleur de bleu foncé. Du coup il est super à la mode pour la tendance de travail cette saison. Même si je pouvais mettre n'importe quoi au dessus, j'ai décidé de porter mon nouveau jean préféré. Ce jean Levis de coupe boyfriend a une couleur unique, il fallait que je les achète! Pour finir, je mets une casquette militaire et voilà, le look de travail est fait!

 Izzie x

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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Last weekend, Lewis and I took a three hour train ride to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We stayed in a great Airbnb apartment just south of the famous Prinsengracht canal, which was the perfect location. We were able to walk everywhere, which is the main thing we love to do on holiday, to explore. Here's a bit about our weekend and some tips.
We spent most of Friday strolling around, soaking up the city and getting our bearings. It was the only sunny day we had and even though it was cold, Amsterdam is just magical in the sun. Always a lover for rummaging and bargains, I insisted that we checked out the flea market at Waterlooplein where there are piles and piles of clothes for just 1€ sometimes!
We had a late lunch at a cute place opposite the flower market called Toastable, which does amazing three tier toasties! My roasted vegetables and goats cheese one was yummy.
From there we wandered through the lovely Vondelpark, through southern Amsterdam and back to the apartment, but not without stopping to cuddle the most adorable cat on a street close to ours. I was delighted. FYI cats lovers, Amsterdam is full of them *emoji thumbs up*.

Saturday morning consisted of me dragging Lewis around the shopping area, known as the 9 streets district. These are in fact 3 streets crossing 3 canals in between Prinsengracht and Singel, thus creating 9 streets. The vintage shopping in Amsterdam is fantastic, albeit slightly more expensive than Paris but the choice is great. Look out for my detailed post on Amsterdam vintage shops coming soon! 

After a quick bite to eat we headed to the Anne Frank House, which was just incredible. We did have to queue in the freezing cold for about an hour but it was so worth it. The museum takes you on a tour of the very house where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War Two, with reconstruction photos and genuine artefacts. Having always wanted to read her diary, I finally bought it at the gift shop and I'm really enjoying it so far.
For dinner we went to The Pancake Bakery, which I remember going to last time I went to Amsterdam and loving it. The choice of pancakes is amazing and we both went for something on the 'international' section of the menu. I had the 'French', which was goats cheese, honey and pine nuts and Lewis' looked so much like a pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. The pancakes were delicious and thick - that sounds really weird, but you know, substantial. 

On Sunday we strolled down to De Pijp, an up and coming area in Amsterdam where there are no canals to be seen. Not many shops were open so after doing a lap in Sarphatipark we headed for brunch.
We stumbled across a great place called Coffee and Coconuts, which is obviously the place to be on a Sunday with its buzzing but relaxed atmosphere and cool rock star photos on the walls. Don't be put off by the queue going up the stairs, we didn't have to wait long as there is three floors and it was worth it. I had scrambled egg on sourdough bread topped with avocado, feta cheese and black olives, a strange but winning combination. For dessert we shared a chocolate ganache on a crunchy cornflake base, which was heavenly. 

We had such a great time in Amsterdam with its beautiful canals, amazing food and chilled atmosphere. I definitely want to go back again when it's slightly warmer though! 

Izzie x
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Checked Shirt Dress

Vintage checked shirt / ASOS leather jacket (old - similar here) / Fishnet tights (similar here) / Dr Martens shoes / Ray Bans sunglasses

Finally it feels like Spring has sprung when I can go out in just this fab flannel checked shirt dress, fishnet tights and a leather jacket. I really like this grungy look and it's super comfy too.

I'm so excited to be off to London tomorrow for the weekend to see my mum, sister and step dad. We're going to do lots of shopping (god I've missed English shoe shops!), eat lots and see Mamma Mia on Saturday night. Can't wait. I'm also looking forward to shooting some outfit posts on some lovely London roads that I love seeing on some of my favourite blogs.


Enfin, il se sent comme printemps est arrivé quand je peux sortir en portant que cette chemise/robe en flanelle à carreau, des collants résilles et un blouson en cuir. J'aime bien ce look grunge et c'est une tenue super confortable. 

J'ai trop hâte d'aller à Londres ce weekend pour voir ma maman, ma soeur et mon beau-père. On va faire plein de shopping (putain, les magasins de chaussures anglais m'ont manqué!), manger beaucoup et regarder Mamma Mia samedi soir. J'ai hâte de faire des shootings de looks sur des belles rues de Londres comme j'aime bien voir sur mes blogs préférés.

Izzie x  

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

PFW: Guest Blog Post for Motel Rocks

As you will be aware if you have been following my recent posts, I was reporting for one of my favourite brands, Motel Rocks at Paris Fashion Week. I did an Instagram takeover whilst I was there, which was really fun and I wrote a guest post for their blog, which you can check out here


Comme vous sauriez si vous avez suivi mes articles récents, je faisait des reportages à Fashion Week de Paris pour un de mes marques préférées, Motel Rocks. J'ai fait une reprise de leur Instagram, qui était très marrant et j'ai écrit un article pour leur blog que vous pouvez regarder ici...

Izzie x

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Monday, 16 March 2015

PFW: Favourite AW15 Collections

Moon Young Hee
I was so excited to be invited to the AW15 Moon Young Hee show on the final day of Paris Fashion Week and I was not disappointed. Moon Young Hee's style is simplistic yet striking and the collection is gorgeous; mixing loose layered looks and beautifully straight-cut mini dresses. I love the choice of block colours from white, black and silver to classic autumnal colours dark green, navy and burgundy. The styling was perfect in my eyes, with the models wearing knee length socks and brogues with the mini dresses. 
J'ai eu trop hâte d'être invitée au défilé de Moon Young Hee sur le dernier jour de Fashion Week de Paris et je n'étais pas deçue! Le style de Moon Young Hee est simpliste mais frappant et la collection, qui mélange des looks des couches amples et des belles mini-robes droites, est magnifique. Je kiffe la choix de couleurs blocs de blanc, noir et argent aux couleurs classiques d'automne genre vert foncé, bleu marine et bordeaux. Selon moi, le stylisme est parfait, avec des chaussettes à hauteur du genou et des chaussures basses avec des mini-robes.

Maison Margiela
How bloody amazing is John Galliano's first collection for Maison Margiela?!! It's a perfectly sexy mix of lots of textures and materials which look incredible together. I love the long suede trench coats, which bring current 70s vibes together with classic tailoring. As you know I love anything mesh and velvet so it was a delight to see lots of this and it being styled together. Maybe a man of controversy but John Galliano sure can design clothes!
Comment elle est incroyable la première collection de John Galliano pour Maison Margiela?!! Un mélange sexy et parfait des textures et tissus qui vont ensemble trop bien. J'aime bien les trenchs longs en daim, qui amènent ensemble la tendance des années 70s et le façonnage classique. Comme vous savez, je kiffe tous qui est fait de filet et de velours alors ça me fait plaisir de voir plein des ces matières. Peut-être il est un homme de controverse mais il est certain qu'il est fort en couture!

Dries van Noten
I am absolutely in love with this collection. Dries van Noten has managed to put together some very contrasting trends and, of course, pull it off. The utility and khaki trend comes through in form of baggy cargo pants, belted trench coats and A-line dresses but when paired with beautiful pastel patterns and tapestry-style materials, the looks are just quite special. Of course nothing is complete without coloured fur and sequins so he's thrown them in too, perfection. 
Je suis tombée amoureuse de cette collection. Dries van Noten réussit à amener des tendances opposées, très bien. La tendance militaire et kaki se présente dans les pantalons cargos, les trenchs à ceinture et des robes trapèzes mais les looks sont vachement spéciaux quand on les met avec des beaux motifs en pastel et des tissus de tapisserie. Bien-sûr, une collection n'est pas finie sans de la fourrure colorée et des paillettes, parfaite. 

Izzie x

Images sources: Image source: Now Fashion and

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

PFW: Outfit Two

Vintage lace flares (similar here) / Vintage fringed leather jacket (similar here) / Vintage boots (similar here) / eBay top / MAC 'So Chaud' lipstick

Just a few photos of my second outfit from Paris Fashion Week. I didn't have my assistant, sorry boyfriend, in tow so I had to rely on another unobliging individual to take these. There is quite a lot going on in this look, I will admit, but I really like it. The lace flares were perfect for the hot Sunday temperatures and the leather jacket is just amazing. There is so much fringing everywhere at the moment so I'm glad I grabbed this jacket when I saw it last season. 


Juste quelques photos de mon deuxième outfit de Fashion Week de Paris. Mon assistant, non mon petit copain, n'était pas avec moi du coup il fallait demander une autre personne forcée pour les prendre. Il y a plein d'éléments dans ce look, je vous avoue, mais j'aime bien. Les pattes d'eph en dentelle étaient parfaits pour le beau temps de dimanche et le blouson en cuir est juste magnifique. De la frange est très tendance en ce moment donc je suis contente que j'avais acheté ce blouson quand je l'ai vu la saison dernière. 

Izzie x

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PFW: The Best of Street Style

Locations: Jardin des Tuileries, Palais de Tokyo, Grand Palais & Palais des Beaux Arts

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was reporting for Motel Rocks at PFW which involved seeking out the best dressed attendees and taking street style snaps. These are my favourite looks, from 70s fringing and flares to sports chic and vintage inspired outfits. Which is your favourite?


Comme j'ai mentionné dans mon poste précédent, je faisait des reportages pour la marque de mode anglaise Motel Rocks à Fashion Week de Paris. Pour cela, je trouvait les 'best-dressed' pour leur prendre en photo. Voila mes looks preferés, des franges et des pattes d'eph des années 70s, le sport chic et les outfits inspirés par vintage. Vous préférez lequel?

Izzie x

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