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Monday, 28 April 2014

#MotelFestival Wishlist

I have found out that I am going to be Motel Rocks' Festival Reporter at Glastonbury this year! This news just makes me even more excited about my favourite event of the year! To get into spirit of style spotting and outfit creating for the festival season, I have put together a collection of my current favourite Motel items, which are perfect for the festivals!

As a Motel festival reporter I can choose an item to take and wear to Glastonbury but I'm having such a hard time choosing! I absolutely adore this bright, floral unitard and think it would look amazing among the crazy atmosphere of a festival but I'm not sure I would wear it at any other times, which makes hesitate in ordering it. What do you think?

Please let me know your favourite item or send me any links to items I may have missed on the Motel Rocks website - this indecisive fashion victim needs help!!

Izzie x

P.S. Don't forget that you can get 20% off at Motel Rocks if you enter my discount code izzie_h at the checkout!

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Three Ways to Wear: A Denim Shirt

All items from Kilo Shop

Last week I had some great news when the PR girl at work asked me to start being in charge of the Kilo Shop Facebook page! This will include posting inspo images on the theme of the week but more importantly creating looks and photographing them!

This week is denim week so I had the idea of doing a 'three ways to wear: a denim shirt' idea and here is the result. I'm really pleased with the pictures, which feature my stunning friend and colleague, Nelly. She's really great at modelling so I just let her do her thing as that girl can pose!

What do you think and which look do you prefer?

Izzie x

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Monday, 21 April 2014

A Floral Kimono

Vintage shirt (worn as a kimono) / Vintage top / Vintage Levi shorts / New Look shoes / eBay frilly socks / Topshop belt (old)
All vintage from Kilo Shop

I do love a kimono and I didn't get round to buying one last Spring/Summer so when I found this one in my shop, it was love at first sight. It is actually a shirt but I always wear it open like this and this is an outfit I wear all the time. I love the feel of the long, loose and light fabric of the kimono. This would also be a perfect festival outfit if the frilly ankle socks and sandals were replaced with knee high socks and wellies. Hurry up festival season!

Izzie x

J’aime bien un kimono et je n’en ai pas acheté le printemps/été dernier alors quand j’ai trouvé celui-ci dans le magasin où je travaille c’était un coup de foudre. En fait, il est une chemise mais je la mets toujours ouvert comme cela et c’est un look que je porte tous le temps. J’adore la matière légère, ample et longue du kimono. Ce serait un look parfait pour un festival si on remplace les socquettes à volants et les sandales avec des chaussettes mi-bas et des bottes de pluie. La saison de festivals, dépêchez-vous !   

Bisous, Izzie 

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Friday, 18 April 2014

A little outfit post

Vintage skirt / Vintage shirt / New Look sandals / Cath Kidston tote bag

Here's a quick little outfit post for today. White is the basic colour you need for Spring/Summer and I love this simple white skater skirt that I found in latest haul from my shop. I'm obsessed with tote bags and have been using this pretty Cath Kidston one more recently. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Izzie x

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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Queen of Jumpsuits

Vintage jumpsuit / New Look sandals

The Gang

I'm currently lying in my bed still recovering from a super fun visit from three of my best friends from Uni over the weekend. I wore this fab jumpsuit out on Friday night for dinner and drinks with the girls. I've actually had this jumpsuit for a while but always felt that Paris might not be ready for it but turns out I just needed the reassurance of my English girls. 

I love the flared trousers, which is quite unusual these days and made me feel like I was dressed to go to a disco in the 70s. And what goes perfectly with flares? Platforms, and I just love my new platform gladiator sandals! 

What do you think of this look?

Izzie x

P.S. If you have a moment I would love to be nominated for 'Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer' at the Company Blogger Style Awards which you can do here.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Monochrome and Brights

Forever 21 trousers (similar here) / eBay top / Nike trainers

If you're going to wear cigarette trousers this season, they have to be patterned monochrome in my opinion. I picked up these Forever 21 babies in a vintage shop, of course. I've paired them with a simple black top and my bright Nikes, which, as I've said before, look great with a monochrome outfit.

Izzie x

P.S. If you have a moment I would love to be nominated in the Company Blogger Style Awards for Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer, which you can do here!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Slip Dress

Vintage slip dress (similar here - use code izzie_h for 20% off) / Vintage denim jacket / Topshop socks / Asos shoes (old)

So, what do you think of my new hair? I thought it was time to chop off the blond and go short for summer. I'm really pleased with it, except that admittedly it is a bit wonky because, in a bid to save money, I went to a trainee hairdresser who was just terrible - at least I know not to make that mistake again!

On to the outfit, I am all over slip dresses this season. I actually bought this little gem for €2 in winter at my shop and I have been dying to wear it ever since. And now this is my favourite outfit. I love the simple and casual cut of slip dresses and I love the not over bearing floral pattern on this one.

Izzie x

P.S. If you have a moment I would to be nominated for the Company Style Blogger Awards for either the Best Personal Style Blog -Newcomer or Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer, which you can do here.

Alors, qu’est-ce vous pensez de ma nouvelle coupe ?! J’ai pensé que c’était le moment pour couper la blonde et avoir une coupe courte pour l’été ! Je l’aime bien sauf le fait qu’elle n’est pas complètement droite car, pour économiser d’argent, je suis allée à un coiffeur stagiaire qui était terrible ! Au moins que je sais que je n’irai jamais encore !

On parle de ce look. Je kif trop des robes à bretelles pour cette saison. En fait, j’ai acheté cette petite perle pour €2 en hiver chez Kilo Shop et depuis ce moment, j’avais envie de la porter. Maintenant, ce look est mon favori. J’aime bien la coupe simple et décontracté des robes à bretelles et je kif le motif fleuri modeste sur celle-là.  

Bisous, Izzie

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Friday, 4 April 2014

The Company Style Blogger Awards!

As I'm sure you are aware, the Company Style Blogger Awards are now open for nominations and this year they've teamed up with one of my favourite online brands - Missguided!

I started this little blog nearly a year ago and I am so happy with how far it has come and changed in such a short space of time! I wish I could spend all my time blogging but having a full time job at the same time can make it difficult! 

I hope you guys agree that I bring something different to the blogosphere with my thrifty and vintage approach to fashion and staying bang on trend on a budget! So, if you enjoying reading my blog I would love to be nominated for Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer or Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer which you can do here.

Thank you!

Izzie x

Cher/Chère mes lecteurs français,

En Angleterre, il y a une cérémonie des récompensées pour les blogs de style et vous pouvez me nominer pour une récompensée à partir de maintenant en cliquant ici.

J’ai commencé ce petit blog il y a presque un an et je suis très contente avec son progrès et comment il a changé jusqu'à présent ! Je souhaite que je pourrais faire mon blog tous les temps mais il faut travailler en plein temps aussi alors c’est difficile !

J’espère que vous êtes d’accord que j’amène quelque chose différente au monde des blogs avec mon approche économe et vintage à la mode et qu’on peut être super tendance sans dépenser trop ! Donc, si vous aimez lire mon blog, nominez-moi s’il vous plaît pour ‘Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer’ ou 'Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer' en cliquant ici.

Merci !

Bisous, Izzie

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Denim and Fishnet

Vintage dress / Vintage fishnet top / Asos shoes (old)

Today I'm rocking this casual 90s inspired outfit. I think this dress has already starred on the blog but it goes perfectly with the fishnet sleeves so I'm sure you guys don't mind! I bought this mesh top from a vintage shop for €2 and after a little DIY cutting here and there, it is ready for this winter to spring transition period. 

Izzie x

Aujourd’hui, je porte ce look décontracté, inspiré par les années 90. Je pense que j’ai déjà mis un look avec cette robe sur le blog mais elle va parfaitement avec le haut résille et je suis sur que cela ne vous dérange pas ! J’ai acheté cette haute résille dans une friperie pour 2 € et après avoir le coupé un peu, il est prêt pour cette période de transition entre hiver et printemps !

Bisous, Izzie

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