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Friday, 24 October 2014

Lace Flares

Vintage lace flares / eBay top / Doc Martens shoes / Ray Bans sunglasses / Mac So Chaud lipstick
Location: Port de Tolbiac

As soon as I saw these black lace flares, it was love. They have such a flattering shape with a tight high waist and the flare starting right at the top of the legs. Such a unique yet bang on trend piece, which is always exactly what I want.

I discovered this shoot location when Lewis and I walked the length of the Seine within Paris last Saturday. Crazy I know. This was where we started our 9 mile walk across the city and I just loved the industrial yet calm feel. It was deserted except for a young guy in a smart get-up featuring braces and a peak cap practising scales on the saxophone, adorable. 

Izzie x

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gingham Trousers

Vintage gingham trousers (similar here) / H&M top (old) / Doc Martens shoes / Topshop belt (old - similar here) / Mac So Chaud lipstick
Location: Pont de Bercy, Paris

I am really into the tailored trousers look at the moment so I was overjoyed when I found these perfect gingham pair where I work. Gingham is one of my favourite prints and it is very versatile for winter and summer. I imagine it can be quite annoying that most of the clothes that I feature are vintage so I am going to try and find you guys high street equivalents where possible. Motel Rocks do a great pair of gingham trousers, which I had been eyeing up for a while, and you can get 20% off at Motel by using code izzie_h at the checkout!

I absolutely loved shooting in this location, on a bridge underneath an overground metro line. I love the depth of field created by the tunnel behind me. What do you think?

Izzie x

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

PFW: Designers Apartment

During Paris Fashion Week I was invited to view some of the collections at Designers Apartment, a showroom for several designers and here are some of my highlights…

Etienne Deroeux

My friend Gina and Etienne’s wholesale manager, invited me to view his SS15 collection at Designers Apartment and I absolutely loved it. Tailoured clothing and the sports fashion are some of my favourite trends at the moment and Etienne brings these together perfectly in his wearable sports luxe collection. Not only are the cuts flawless, the range of materials used are beautiful and just what I love right now, from sheer, mesh and fishnet to silk and wool. I love the fishnet detailing, one of my favourite pieces being the worker-style jumpsuit with mesh detailing on the top. Apart from the beautiful silk striped pleated skirts, the collection generally consists of block colours, from monochrome to pastel pinks and bright yellows. Etienne won the Marie Claire prize of excellence during Paris Fashion Week so he is definitely the designer to watch!

Iris Cantabri

I was an absolute awe when the extremely friendly designer, Guillaume Michel, began telling me about his vision. His collection consists of tops, skirts, trousers and shorts that can be zipped together to create what could be an unlimited amount of looks. He believes that women should be able to create their own looks and not necessarily feel restricted by current trends. If you had all the pieces from this year’s AW and SS collections, which would consist of about 80 items, you could create over 650 different looks just by zipping different pieces together! Incredible. The model tried on 5 pieces for me and created these 4 completely different looks. It is such a flexible idea that is perfect for many situations. For example, if you are going out after work you could just change your top for something slightly less formal and voilà! Or if you had lots of weddings to go to in the space of few months, instead of buying a different dress for each one you could buy a few of these pieces and mix and match! As I said to the designer, I can really relate to this idea because as a blogger on a limited budget I am always trying to find new looks to blog about but using the same pieces!


This collection is right up my street for SS15. The designs are beautiful and very wearable with sports luxe vibe, which you know I love. A wide range of fabrics have been used, each of which are interesting and unique. Despite not owning anything in this material, I am pretty obsessed with scuba; I just love its squishy and smooth texture. The cobalt blue scuba skater skirts and dresses would be high on my wishlist for SS15. Sheer is always a winner for me and I absolutely love the black tailoured trousers with vertical sheer panels. From delicate sheer to tough, plastic-like mesh tops and jumpers, Monographie shows the diversity of their inspiration and skill, which is what I love about the collection. Each item is very different from the next and yet they all go together very well.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Guest Post for Motel Rocks

As I mentioned in my previous Paris Fashion Week related posts, I was reporting for one of my favourite British brands, Motel Rocks, at PFW as well as for my own blog. You can check out my guest blog post on their blog here. I would love to know what you guys think of my Paris Fashion Week coverage so please leave me a comment below!

Izzie x

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PFW: What I Wore 2

Motel Shirt Dress (c/o) / Doc Martens / Topshop tassel socks / Boutique backpack / Mac 'So Chaud' lipstick
Location: Palais de Tokyo, Paris

For Sunday of Paris Fashion Week I sported the tailored monochrome look with red Mac lips to add a pop of colour. When I first received my Motel package of goodies for fashion week I was worried this shirt dress was going to look huge but I love it! It's actually really flattering (read: I can hide any food I have just scoffed) and comfortable. Lewis maintains it looks like a lab coat but he is full of silly things to say about fashion.

I toughed up the look with my trusty Docs and these cute tassel socks from Topshop! The paps and street style photographers went mad for this look, which was really exciting and overwhelming! What do you guys think?

Izzie x

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